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Jurassic World Speculations

Have you got 10 minutes to spare? If so, dig in!

I remember Cloverfield.  I remember the marketing campaign for this film. It was not really a surprise, coming from producer JJ Abrams, a man who enjoys secrecy and the power of curiosity. Way before we had a proper trailer for this film, we had a website slowly feedings us information as if it were a real event (This is known as an ARG) and thus creating pretty much the greatest hype ever. If you remember this website, I’ve got excellent news for you.

jurassic world
Patel Corp’s Website

Anybody who knows me is aware I love all things Jurassic Park. That film is the reason why I wanted to make films (of course, after realising being a dinosaur was not a possible career path). Even though the last film was a disappointment, I still love the franchise, and man, does it seem like the marketing team behind the upcoming Jurassic Park instalment, Jurassic World, is ticking all the right boxes.

There is, once again, a very peculiar website. Patel Corporation seems to be a redeveloper of large business ventures. They are currently working on an undisclosed project in Costa Rica.

Jurassic world
Costa Rica Development

There is also an interesting video embedded on the website, that you can also view on YouTube. It appears Patel Corp is trying to, or already has acquired the site located in Isla Nublar and all of its contents from InGen, a company founded by John Hammond.

There is not much more information on the website, but they should be releasing new videos in a standard ARG fashion. In the meantime, you can follow their Twitter account for little gems like these:

UPDATE: They are advertising a job vacancy on their website. I have emailed them regarding the position. We’ll see what happens.

UPDATE 2: It has come to my attention that this is, in fact, a fan-made website and not affiliated with any official Jurassic Park or Jurassic World IPs. #NoFunAllowed

In the meantime, here is a picture of an inflated version of me at Jurassic Park in Florida.

Jurassic World
“Jurassic Fat”