Synopsis: Kill List

Warning: This synopsis reveals the plot in full, including the ending.

Kill List Ben Wheatley
Kill List

Jay, who lives with his wife Shel and young son, has not worked since a traumatic mission as a hitman in Kiev. Attempting to escape a stale relationship with her husband, Shel invites Gal, Jay’s partner from his hitman days and his new girlfriend Fiona to a dinner party. Gal convinces him to work  on a new mission to kill three targets. Fiona goes to the toilet and carves a cultist symbol behind their mirror.

The first and second targets seem to recognise Jay and are grateful to be killed by him. The third target is an MP who is tracked down at his mansion. There, they witness a human sacrifice ceremony in which Jay opens fire. The cultists kill Gal and capture Jay, forcing him to fight a hunchback. Once he kills him, he removes the disguise and discovers that it was in fact his wife and son tied to her back. The cultists crown Jay as he loses his sanity.

Kill List – Directed by Ben Wheatley.


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