Synopsis: High-Rise

High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley

Warning: This synopsis reveals the plot in full, including the ending.

Dr Robert Laing moves into a luxurious tower block. The building’s structure reflects social status, as the residents in the lower floors are middle-class and the residents in the higher floors are high-class. The very top floor is owned by Anthony Royal, the owner and architect of the building. The residents of the tower socialise with others from their own floors, reinforcing the concept of class division, but after a complete power failure chaos ensues. The residents adopt tribe-like behaviour and parties are held in the hallways of the high-rise. The tension between classes escalates, people are beat-up, killed or forced into becoming maids.

Laing makes it to the top floor and has dinner with Royal, where the architect argues that the events that are currently taking place in the high-rise will ultimately lead to improvements at the newer buildings still under construction. Royal is shot and more people are killed.

Life in the high-rise has now become normal. Anarchy and chaos reign supreme.


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